What is TriPot I?
TriPot I is a new line of decorative planters that are stylish, durable, innovative and exceptional self-watering planter to fit indoor and outdoor uses.

What does TriPot I mean?

TriPot I (pronounced "Tri" "Pot") - means a planter with 3 legs, which is also a product trademark too.   TriPot I is a line of functionality and stylish-design planters unbreakable, UV-resistant, weather-resistant, even frost proof, perfect for your garden, home and office interiors.

What is Sub-irrigation?
Sub-irrigation is a method of artificially irrigation where water is absorbed upwards to a plant from beneath the soil surface using capillary action.
TriPot I applied the sub-irrigation technology to irrigate plants by pulling moisture upward into the entire root through capillary action. 
How does Sub-irrigation works?
Instead of watering plants overhead from the top, water is added to the reservoir; which allow water to soak upward to the plants' roots by introducing the water from the bottom through capillary action.   Using the sub-irrigation method, roots are able to keep constantly moist, but not wet and soggy (drawn and rot if roots stand in water).  When soil is watered from below, water dispersion is more consistent and even, roots remain healthy as the pores in the soil still hold oxygen.
Problems to be eliminated by using Sub-irrigation :
Over-watering - giving too much water can be as dangerous as under-watering. The roots not only require moisture but also air, so over-watering leads to the forcible removal of air from the potting compost so the plants' roots are killed by suffocation.   One of the biggest areas plant lovers have problems in caring for their plants is with – too much watering.

Under-watering - danger of under-watering is virtually eliminated, because the reservoir can hold a sufficient amount of water to maintain a healthy plant between watering cycles.

Why TriPot I stand above other traditional Planters ?

  • Exceptional not only its styling, but self-watering convenience too
    • Design : Introduced an eye-catching, innovative and stylish design
    • Function 1 : Integrated with an exceptional self-watering function
    • Function 2 : Over-watering protection
  • Reduce watering chores - save time and water in irrigation
  • Keep soil well-balanced moist, never too soggy or too dry
  • Using less water and fertilizer compared to conventional gardening
  • Water-level indicator shows when it's time to refill water
  • Usability, trainability and reliability
  • Interchangeable Plant Liner
  • Eliminate over-watering as well as under-watering
  • Maintenance-free
  • Plant liner can be inserted and removed from the planter - easy to change plant presentation
  • Design Registered No.: 0901531.6

Can TriPot I be used and suitable for all plants?
In principle, all plants cultivated in soil are suitable for TriPot I
How do I get further information about Sub-irrigation and TriPot I?
Simple! just contact Greenamic Creative Ltd at info@greenamic.com or hotline: +852 8228 2100

Can TriPot I be used outdoor?
TriPot I is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use too.  TriPot I is well designed to allow excess rain water to overflow from the reservoir when using outdoor.

What is the Watering Cycle Time?
The watering cycle time is the period it takes for your plant to absorb the water in the reservoir and then for the soil to dry just beyond the ideal moisture level of your particular plant.
How to transplant plants from traditional planter to the TriPot I?
At the beginning, when the plant is first potted in the TriPot I, water roots have not been well-developed yet, it'll take 10 to 12 weeks.  During the period, you have to water the plant using the "old-fashioned way" on top of the soil.  After 10 - 12 weeks, instead of adding water on the top, you can fill water to the reservoir through the Water Supply Shaft.
How much water do I need to add to the reservoir?
Fill the reservoir with water when seeing the water level indicator drops to the lower level.  No need to worry about water overflow, because the overflow tube will allow excess water to run off from the reservoir.
Don't try to regulate the water level at all time, allow the reservoir to go dry for two days, because it will help providing wet-dry condition for plants.  Always fill water from the Water Supply Shaft to keep the water reservoir filled.  You’ll know the reservoir is full when water flows from the overflow hole.  Add water every few days when the plants are young, and every day when your plants are mature.

How often should I need to add water to the reservoir?
Simply add water to the reservoir when the water level indicator has dropped to minimum level.  It would be no problem for the plant to live without water for a few days as the roots will develop in their search for water
Will it be possible that my plants get too much water from the reservoir?
No. Sub-irrigation works like a plant sitter!  The natural capillary action of soil will draw water gently up into the root zone only as needed.
How do I protect my plant from killing by soluble salts?
Soluble salts are naturally found in water and are left behind when the soil dries.  Simply remove the Planter liner and bring it to the sink every few months to gently flush the soil.  Let the water run through the soil and into the sink.
When will I need to add water for the reservoir? 
Depending on the planter size, location and weather condition, it will take a number of days or weeks for all the water in the reservoir to be drawn up into the soil.   But the TriPot I is designed   to tell you its water level from the visible water-level indicator.   You may refill water 2 days after seeing a Min Water-level.
How to water the TriPot I powered plants?
When watering, fill water to the reservoir through the Water Supply Shaft until excess water comes out of the overflow tube - it is impossible to overwater your plants.   Only need to do is that to refill water to the reservoir, TriPot I will water your plant automatically. 
Where is TriPot I manufactured?
TriPot I are made in contract manufacturing facilities in Guangdong Province, Southern China. 

Are TriPot I sustainable?
Focusing with several initiatives; We are reducing and eliminating materials containing toxins. We are reducing the amount of waste in manufacturing TriPot I.  We are using materials with sustainable attributes whenever possible.

What if I need technical support or help?
You may contact our Customer Service Representative at :

Email: CS@greenamic.com or
Hotline: +852 8228 2100

What if I need spare or replacement parts?

You may contact our Customer Service Representative at :

Email: CS@greenamic.com or
Hotline: +852 8228 2100

What is "Hydroponics"? 

Hydroponics is often defined as "the cultivation of plants in water".  Definition of hydroponics has been broadened to read "the cultivation of plants without soil", which is the growing of plants without soil by providing plants with nutrients via water.

Is TriPot I is a kind of Hydroponic?
Yes or No.   Sub-irrigation is a semi-hydroponics, which is a kind of medium culture hydroponics, roots are encased in some sort of solid medium before they receive nutrient water solution

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